Whistle-Stop Thistle Campaign Success!

We’ve done it! We’ve successfully reached the end of our campaign and raised £2,223 with 86 backers.

I am so excited to finish off the book and get it properly printed. I am looking forward to sharing the book with you and hearing what you think. I am looking forward to taking the book into libraries and doing some workshops about recycling and helping kids to think more like the Thistle-Folk.

I’m just over the moon. Completely and utterly blown away. The Thistle-Folk are blown away too, they’ve all fallen over on their big bottoms and they’re gobsmacked.

I want to say a big thanks to my James, too. For gently pushing me to do this and helping me get it going. He’s a real good egg. So thank you and Whistle-Stop Thistle will be coming soon.

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