#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 14

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 14

How I learnt.

I have learnt through seeing how other artists do what they do; at uni we were encouraged to reach out and chat with contacts to find out more about their practice. I’ve made some lovely contacts who have given me priceless advice.

I learned practical skills at school, on my Foundation course and at University but I also learned a lot from the people I worked next to, seeing how they approach briefs and how they perceive the world differently to me. I learned from group critiques where we’d all give constructive feedback on each other’s work so I’d find out whether my work was interpreted the way I’d intended and would get helpful insights into how I could improve from my peers.

I have learnt through trial and error by just practising over and over. My dolls have got stronger, more detailed and more expressive through just making so many of them and making them better each time.

Don’t be afraid to learn or be scared to play! This is where you grow 🌱 🍃 🌳






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