#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 2

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 2

How You Started. I started writing stories in primary school with my best friend Nikki. She was the Nick Sharratt to my Jacqueline Wilson. We were both inspired by the books we read and the films we watched together. Don’t get us started on Labyrinth!

I started imagining worlds in my bedroom, closing myself in my wardrobe that then transported me to Jayland when I stepped out again. Jayland was nothing fancy, just a very tiny happy place where I was Queen! 👑

I started experimenting with making puppets and dolls on my Foundation course at Leeds Arts University and they eventually became the fairies I make today. I started selling my dolls at a stationery shop I worked at on Saturdays in Ripon before opening an Etsy shop.

It was during my illustration degree that I began combining my love of puppetry and storytelling, making this weird mish-mash of puppet illustration. This is a photo of me as Queen of the fairies, taken during my first year studying Illustration at Leeds College of Art. Where I learned a whole lot about visual communication. Where I met so many brilliant artists and friends. Where the magic began!


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