#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 4

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 4

Materials. I use all sorts of materials to dress my dolls but it’s rare that I’d ever buy fabric new.
I have boxes full of fabric scraps: cuttings from old clothes, an assortment of my late grandad’s ties and funky patterned ribbons I’ve saved from presents. I just root through and usually find something I can use from my stash!

The dress I made for the bride doll for my sister’s wedding includes pieces of an old family christening dress and she is adorned with beads from my tin of broken jewellery (and I’m sure the beads were from a bracelet of my sister’s once upon a time too).

Using materials that already have a story to them brings a nostalgic element to my figures, so if you have one or my dolls then you probably also have a tiny piece of someone else’s history.

The elf dolls houses I made (I made three when practising for the filming of Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas, then one on the day) are made of scrap cardboard and then covered in tree bark, moss and soil. Scavenging for these natural materials was so much fun and made me feel like a real woodland elf. It was funny to see the other artists with beautiful fabrics and materials, then I emptied out a bag full of mud! That’s me!



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