#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 7

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 7

the less glam side. Come on, all art making is glamorous! Whether you’re covered in paint or working through the night, you’re still a glorious maker doing something you’re passionate about.

The real less glam side I think is poor mental health, which affects all of us, though I’m sure there must be a link between creative minds and mental health issues. I know so many artists who have problems with low self esteem, depression and anxiety. I’ve struggled with generalised anxiety disorder and panic disorder since I was 16 and have taken medication for years. I worry about everything and making any kind of decision is hard for me. At one point I was having full blown panic attacks or blacking out several times a day. Definitely not glamorous. Counselling and therapy didn’t help me and the medication just gave me horrible side effects. Again… not glam!

But I’ve now been off my meds for almost two weeks now and I feel okay. I’ve not had an attack for ages although I still get anxious and have little blips but there is always this desire to make something new that keeps me going. I still have a lot to bring to life and I’m not going to let anxiety steal that from me.

Keep being glamorous. Keep going!

Oh, and surround yourself with glamorous things like the work of other makers and glamorous people like family and friends. ❤️

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