#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 9

#MarchMeetTheMaker – Day 9

Story behind the name.

I’ve been using the name ‘Jay Stelling Design’ for about 7 years! It’s not very inventive, I also worry that it’s boring and generic. Sometimes I ponder on the idea of having a change, perhaps something specific to dolls or fairies, but this name covers everything I’ve tried my hand at over the years. Changing now, I would worry that I’d lose the progress I’ve made in slowly building up this identity and that it would be a lot of work in changing business cards, packaging, websites and accounts.

I do love my name though. Jay like the bird! Im often asked if it’s short for something but it’s just Jay. A Jay is a member of the crow family. They are loud raucous birds, often heard before they are seen.


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