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Whistle-Stop Thistle!

Whistle-Stop Thistle is an engaging children’s book centred around the tiny town of Whistle-Stop Thistle and the little people who live here. 

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The Story

The Thistle-folk are tiny creatures who live behind a bramble bushin the woodland, the same place where our crisp packets and bits ofrubbish might end up after a picnic!

Whistle-Stop Thistle has a special visitor, the friendly magpie,who drops in rubbish he finds in the woods that might be usefulfor the Thistle-folk.

The Thistle-folk try to look after their tiny world by recyclingany scrap materials they find. Their whole world was built from scraps:cardboard buildings, paper flowers, lollipop roof tiles.

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Meet the Thistle-Folk

What we can learn
from the Thistle-Folk

I believe that we can all learn a lot from these little people. The story promotes reusing found materials and recycling scraps, which is just what we did in production: we made the town with things that would otherwise be thrown away.

Maybe if we were all a bit more curious and crafty with our scraps then there wouldn’t be as much waste in the world. My hope is that this book will help children to get creative by repurposing materials and make art from rubbish.

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